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Using SCOLA Services in the Classroom
For thirty years, SCOLA has been helping you teach foreign languages and cultures to students. But our great services can be used in the classroom in a variety of ways. Here we have some tricks, hints and ideas for using SCOLA services in the classroom. Have your own unique way of using SCOLA? Tell us about it at
ForeignText Foreign Text
  1. Translate foreign articles and present what the article was about.
  2. Print ten different publications and have the participants look for keywords in each publication that indicates the country and language.
  3. Give students a hard copy of a publication and give them a native topic to search for. Ask them to write down what page it is on and describe the topic.
InstaClass Insta-Class
  1. Give the students the vocabulary list and then have them find the words in the transcript while watching the video.
  2. Without showing the answers, have students complete the quiz after watching the clip. This can be done individually or in groups.
  3. Print several different transcripts to match with the language and country for students to test their abilities.
  4. Download the PDF. Remove the English text and ask the students to transcribe the language and answer the questions.
InternationalRadio International Radio
  1. Have students translate the program into English.
  2. Students can give a presentation on the broadcast they listened to.
  3. Piece together several radio clips with a test of which were in the montage of radio programs.
  4. Have students create a music video to native music.
CountryOverviewVideos Country Overview Videos
  1. Assign each group a different section of the Country Overview Video (without subtitles). Each group will present to the class about the country.
  2. Have students practice the Language Lessons. Write down each word, number and phrase in English in one column and the native language in the second column.
LearningObjects Learning Objects
  1. Students can complete a lesson on their own in class or for homework or extra credit.
  2. Use the lessons as a timed race between classmates to see who can finish the lesson fastest with the most accuracy.
  3. Have students complete three assignments and ask them to write a paper on what they learned about the language, culture, customs and body language.
OnthestreetVideos On the Street Videos
  1. Have students individually or in a group watch the video and present what the video is about.
  2. Have students create their own On the Street Video in the foreign language.
  3. Edit several clips together and have the students figure out the montage of videos.
PeopleAndPlaces People and Places
  1. Let students choose a photo from the focused country and have them write a creative fiction piece in the foreign language based on what is happening in the photo.
  2. Download and print several pictures to familiarize students with that particular area of the world.
  3. Have the students pick a few pictures and have the their classmates guess what the picture shows and where exactly it is located.
SavoirVivre Savoir Vivre
  1. SavoirVivre is a global adventure in culture. Travel the world, discover its people, and explore new lifestyles. No passport needed!
SpecializedWordVideoSearch Specialized Word Video Search
  1. Have students find a word they didn’t know before. They can make a poster representing that word and present the word to the class.
  2. Create flash cards available for each lesson desired to learn.
  3. Create the vocabulary list and review.
  4. As a game have students sit at computer in the language lab. Ask them to find a specific native word and pronounce it. The one who finds it and pronounces it correctly first wins.
  5. Make a Jeopardy game using the vocabulary lists. Give the word in either the native language or English and have students answer in the opposite.
WorldTvOnline World TV Online
  1. Have students watch a program or a clip of a program. Give the students the foreign language transcript and have them translate it into English.
  2. For extra credit, let students watch a newscast and describe it in a report.
  3. Have students watch a specific program. In groups ask them to Video Edit a smaller section of the program and present it to the class.
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