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Foreign Text
A global newsstand of newspapers, magazines and books. Unabridged publications that present news, sports, entertainment, political commentary and more. Searchable content featuring OCR technology.
  • "Throughout 25+ years of affiliation, the language and culture resources made available to Boston College by SCOLA, be they delivered via satellite dish, cable television or Internet, have consistently contributed to our community’s BeComing more globally proficient.
  • SCOLA continues to be a recurring assignment in Boston College’s third-year, two-semester French course, French Conversation, Composition and Reading. This multi-section course coordinated by Prof. James Flagg of BC’s Dept. of Romance Languages and Literatures “emphasizes the development of fluency in written and oral French and the sharpening of cultural and textual analytical skills.” (J. Flagg)
  • Via three “SCOLA” assignments, students either individually or in small groups report orally in class on a topic of current events interest occurring in France or another francophone country. To research and prepare their oral presentations, students are encouraged to use media resources of various types that will help them develop their reading and/or listening skills. Among such resources, students may now readily access SCOLA’s online “Foreign Texts” and/or “World TV Online” broadcasts,"
  • Cynthia Bravo
  • Director, Boston College Language Laboratory, Boston College
  • Subscribed users of Foreign Text have several search options.
  • Here a search has been done for North Korean publications in the Korean language.
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