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Start TimeEnd TimeCountryLanguageProgram
0040 0130 Romania Romanian Nightly News in Romanian from Bucharest
0130 0230 United Arab Emirates Arabic News in Arabic from the United Arab Emirates
0230 0330 Djibouti French_Arabic_Afar_Somali News in French, Arabic, Afar and Somali from Djibouti
0330 0430 Venezuela Spanish News in Spanish from Caracas
0430 0530 Slovakia Slovak News in Slovak from Bratislava
0530 0600 Canada French News in French from Montreal
0600 0700 Greece Greek News in Greek from Athens
0700 0800 Mexico Spanish News in Spanish from Mexico
0800 0930 Spain Spanish News in Spanish from Madrid
0930 1000 France French News in French from Paris
1000 1200 Bulgaria Bulgarian News in Bulgarian from Sofia
1200 1300 Russia Russian Nightly News in Russian from Moscow
1300 1400 Italy Italian Evening News in Italian
1400 1500 Germany German News in German from Frankfurt
1500 1530 Japan Japanese News in Japanese from Sado Island
1530 1630 Brazil Portuguese News in Portuguese from Brasilia
1630 1700 Netherlands Dutch News in Dutch from Amsterdam
1700 1730 Germany English Nightly News in English from Berlin
1730 1800 China Chinese-Mandarin News in Mandarin from China
1800 1900 Hungary Hungarian News in Hungarian from Budapest
1900 2000 Portugal Portuguese News in Portuguese from Portugal
2000 2035 Vietnam Vietnamese News in Vietnamese from Vietnam
2035 2100 Greenland Danish/Greenlandic News in Danish/Greenlandic from Nuuk
2100 2200 Ukraine Ukrainian News in Ukrainian from Kiev
2200 2230 Azerbaijan Azerbaijani News in Azerbaijani from Azerbaijan
2230 2300 France French News in French from Paris
2300 2355 Lithuania Lithuanian News in Lithuanian from Lithuania
2355 0040 Afghanistan Dari/Pashto News in Dari and Pashto from Afghanistan
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