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Start TimeEnd TimeCountryLanguageProgram
0005 0135 Laos Lao Varied programs in Lao from Lao National Television
0135 0205 Vietnam Vietnamese-Southern Varied programs in Vietnamese-Southern from Ho Chi Minh City
0205 0305 Uzbekistan Uzbek Varied programs in Uzbek fromTashkent
0305 0405 Vietnam Vietnamese Varied programs from Hanoi
0405 0605 Tajikistan Tajik Varied programs in Tajik from Dushanbe
0605 0705 Singapore English Varied programs from Singapore
0705 0905 Turkmenistan Turkmen Varied programs in Turkmen from Ashgabat
0905 1205 Thailand Thai News and entertainment from Bangkok
1205 1405 Taiwan Chinese-Mandarin Varied programs in Mandarin from Taipei
1405 1435 Asian Countries Asian Languages Varied programs in many Asian languages from Asian countries
1435 1505 Mongolia Mongolian Varied programs in Mongolian from Ulaanbaatar
1505 1705 Philippines Tagalog Varied programs in Tagalog from Quezon City
1705 1805 Nepal Nepali News and varied programs in Nepali from Kathmandu
1805 1835 Japan Japanese Varied programs in Japanese from Sado Island
1835 2035 Pakistan Urdu Varied programs in Urdu from Islamabad
2035 2105 India Bhojpuri Varied programs in Bhojpuri from India
2105 2235 China Chinese-Mandarin Varied programs from China CYRTV
2235 0005 China Chinese-Mandarin Varied programs from China CYRTV
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