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Channel Four - Discussion
Talk Shows, Politics, Business, Religion and Military
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Start TimeEnd TimeCountryLanguageProgram
0105 0505 Jordan Arabic Religious Shows in Arabic from Jordan
0505 0805 Kenya Swahili Talk Shows in Swahili from Kenya
0805 1105 Romania Romanian Talk Shows in Romanian from Romania
1105 1205 Cuba Spanish Political Shows in Spanish from Cuba
1205 1505 Bangladesh Bengali Political Shows in Bengali from Bangladesh
1505 1805 Egypt Arabic Talk Shows in Arabic from Egypt
1805 1905 Laos Lao Business Shows in Lao from Laos
1905 2005 Venezuela Spanish Business Shows in Spanish from Venezuela
2005 2205 Afghanistan Dari/Pashto Talk Shows in Dari and Pashto from Afghanistan
2205 0105 Netherlands Dutch/Flemish Talk Shows in Dutch or Flemish from the Netherlands
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