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For the past decade, Old Dominion University has been using SCOLA learning services to aid in teaching foreign languages. Read on
to find out how SCOLA has helped Old Dominion University students become more fluent in foreign languages:
SCOLA in the Language Learning Center at Old Dominion University
The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at Old Dominion University has been using SCOLA news broadcasts for over ten years. SCOLA Workshops in the Language Learning Center in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures introduce students and faculty to the World News Broadcast (live and archived), Insta-Class lessons, On the Street Videos, and Mobile Apps function. Once students begin exploring this authentic language resource, they are encouraged to access SCOLA on a regular basis in the LLC, from home, or from their mobile device. Likewise, SCOLA is becoming an integral part of the graduate foreign language reading exam preparation. (Betty Rose Facer)
Dr. Peter Schulman, Professor of French, has his Business French students watch SCOLA regularly in order to “keep up to date on the latest French economic trends and politics that effect French business on a day to day basis. Each program will not only help students keep up with contemporary French business events, but also help train their ear to contemporary French speech and idioms.” (Dr. Peter Schulman)
SCOLA is an essential resource of Contemporary France Through the Media, a vibrant and fast-paced class that introduces students to French industry, politics, advertising and cultural representations today. In lieu of a traditional textbook, students consult materials compiled from the French and Francophone press, sociological studies, film and television programming. For Dr. Lee Slater, “the broadcasts accessible through SCOLA’s World TV Online provide an up-to-date and relevant source of information that allows the students to work independently and comfortably while also inviting them to feel connected to the global community. The ability to search through the broadcasts also serves as a wonderful platform for students to complete assignments where they are asked to compare how the press in different countries treats the same topic.”
SCOLA’s Insta-Class offers an abundance of resources that inform some of the particular areas of study in this course, ranging from Technology and Communication to Consumerism and Family Life. According to Dr. Slater, “students enjoy the option of different levels or degrees of difficulty. Students and professors go to SCOLA regarding a particular assignment (whether completing an assignment or creating one), but then linger and enjoy exploring their individual areas of interest. It works almost like the shelves of a library where the book next to the one you were seeking ends up catching your eye and being even more interesting.”
For Dr. Slater’s course, SCOLA’s “On the Street” Videos “allow for the cultural life of regions and countries to capture the students’ attention and interests. The very human aspect of these videos engages students on a personal level—asking them to see the world and then themselves in different ways. They are also inspired to create their own montages.” (Dr. Lee Slater)
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