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SCOLA is the premier source for educational tools for learning foreign languages and about foreign cultures.

These tools are made available to organizations, individuals and United States Government users (collectively “SCOLA Users”) by means of specific subscription agreements with SCOLA and the payment of a subscription or contract fee to SCOLA. This agreement will also specify the term of the agreement, the scope of the services, and the amount of the subscription fee. Individual users adhering to the terms and conditions of their individual, organizational or U.S. Government agreement with SCOLA will have access to the SCOLA services designated for the term of the agreement. SCOLA Users adhering to the terms and conditions of their respective agreements will be able to share access to the designated SCOLA services to their members and employee personnel for the term of their SCOLA agreement. No access to, or use of, any SCOLA material, current or archived, will be allowed without a current SCOLA user agreement in force.

SCOLA products are based on, and include, actual foreign or SCOLA produced multi-media content (video, audio, text, etc.). SCOLA secures all necessary legal permission for the non-commercial, educational use of this foreign content from the owners of the content. This use includes the right to view, record, download, store and adapt this content as determined by the SCOLA User for educational purposes. SCOLA Users may also produce learning modules or devices based on and/or containing any/all content so long as the use is non-commercial and materials are not transferred to organizations/individuals that are not subscribers to, or under contract with, SCOLA.

"Note that all SCOLA content is provided unedited and in the original language. SCOLA is not responsible for the subject matter of the content, and viewer discretion is advised."

For more information, contact SCOLA.

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